What is a HollisWealth advisor made of?

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At HollisWealth, we strive to provide the framework that aligns the best interests of our advisors, our staff and the firm as a whole. By doing so, our goal is to be the best choice for talented advisors looking to build their businesses.

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HollisWealth advisors can provide independent advice while backed by the stability of Scotiabank, Canada's
most international bank.

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At HollisWealth, we think of investments in terms of client life events. By knowing what's happening in an investor's life, an advisor can determine what's most appropriate for them. Our advisors' central focus is helping their clients exceed their financial goals through sound advice, expert analysis and carefully selected investments.

Investments are a vehicle to help investors get to where they want to be. It's about managing risk that delivers today and over the long term. Depending on the dealer with which they are registered and their industry proficiencies, our advisors can recommend from a variety of investment solutions including:

  • Cash Equivalents
  • Mutual Funds
  • Equities
  • Options
  • Alternative Investments (e.g. Hedge Funds, Private Equity or Venture Capital)



The HollisWealth Insurance Done Right program is designed to help you deliver the best in insurance solutions to your clients. Overall, it's a program that can help you diversify your revenue stream, increase your assets, attract new clients and deepen relationships with your existing clients.

The program is divided into three different parts which will help you:

  1. Identify insurance opportunities.
  2. Develop an insurance strategy.
  3. Put an insurance plan into action.



HollisWealth supports a national referral program for residential and commercial mortgages. Our network of advisors have access to highly competitive mortgage rates, including fixed and variable rate mortgages, as well as some of the best secured products:

  • Highly competitive mortgage rates.
  • A range of options, including variable and fixed rate mortgages.
  • Mortgages for self-employed individuals, rental properties and vacation homes.
  • A simplified negotiation process.

Tax Services

Tax Services Referral Program

Helping a client address and prepare their taxes can expand and strengthen the relationship an advisor has with the client. At HollisWealth, advisors can consult with Scotia Private Client Group tax specialists to ensure their clients receive the advice and assistance they need.

Tax specialists can provide clients with preparation and advisory services in estate, trust and registered charity taxation. And HollisWealth clients benefit from receiving guidance at lower fees than many major accounting firms.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

In today's world, the need for estate planning is increasing. In working with Scotiabank, our advisors have access to a variety of estate planning and trust services.

Whether an estate is of large or modest value, a professional plan should be part of a client's total financial strategy. There are a number of different items to review when putting together a holistic plan. They include:

  • A Will and Power of Attorney
  • Financial Trusts
  • Pensions and Insurance

Working with estate professionals from Scotia Private Client Group, an advisor can develop an estate plan to meet a client's goals and objectives.

Private Banking

Private Banking

Available through Scotiabank's Private Client Group, Private Banking provides a total financing solution through an exclusive suite of services. Advisors can recommend everyday banking services or more customized lending solutions, such as:

  • Mortgages, term loans, or lines of credit.
  • Preferred limits on the ScotiaGold Passport VISA or ScotiaLine® VISA* card.
  • The opportunity to leverage an investment portfolio.
  • Inspire concierge travel and entertainment solutions.

Your business and your reputation aren't mutually exclusive. We'll be proactive to protect both.

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  • Training & Education

    We provide annual training for advisors, branch managers and administrative assistants, as well as ongoing education on everything from regulatory rules to opening accounts to improving efficiency in the workplace.

  • Sales, Communications
    & Marketing

    Our advisors have a dedicated team of professionals at head office who review all communications to ensure they align with all regulatory and corporate guidelines. We also provide a wide variety of marketing tools that help advisors build their businesses through timely marketplace messages.

  • Monthly Advisor Calls

    Our compliance and executive teams host regular conference calls with advisors who can ask questions, voice concerns and get instant answers.

  • Branch Support

    Our compliance team works closely with branch employees to help them understand all of the regulations and corporate policies in place. This process also enables our branch managers to spend more time working with advisors and their clients and less time having to address compliance issues.

Your opportunities to grow abound.
And know no bounds.

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  • David Poggemiller
    David Poggemiller
    We've been exposed to a very top-notch financial planning program that provides exceptional service and an exceptional process that I don't think any other firms have achieved.

    David Poggemiller

  • Karla Dos Santos
    Karla Dos Santos
    What attracted me to HollisWealth was the independence, the support they give their advisors and the affiliation with

    Carla Dos Santos

  • play

Face-time is the best time. So we’ll help you spend more of it with your clients.

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  • Compliance tools
    and resources

    This is where we gain a competitive advantage. Our automated processes, tools and technology are among the best in the industry. They help our advisors stay focused on their clients by performing much of the workload required to effectively address compliance issues.

  • Mobility

    We're committed to developing a fully functioning mobile office for our advisors. Over 600 HollisWealth advisors are currently using tablets in their day-to-day business transactions.

  • Online Tools

    myPractice. Provides business-building tools and resources for an advisors' practice.
    myMarketing Centre. Helps advisors create professional communications and market-ready materials.
    myMarketing Events. Offers all the resources needed to host a successful event.
    myMarketing Leads. Provides advisors with new sales opportunities through a monthly database of new prospects.
    Snapshots. Helps advisors identify and respond to a client's life stage and the financial needs that go with it.

  • Planning Software

    WealthPlanner+ financial planning software empowers our clients to gain more control over their finances now and in the future.

You can't recruit the best advisors without the means to make them better.

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  • Innovative Tools

    One of the most sophisticated trading applications in North America. iBalance is among our many highly customizable tools that allow Portfolio Managers to gain significant investment management efficiencies.

  • Mutual Fund Block Trading

    We offer Portfolio Managers the ability to execute bulk trades – including mutual funds – quickly and efficiently.

  • Customizable Client Reports

    Highly customized quarterly reports provide Portfolio Managers with an efficient way to provide clients with a consolidated view of their portfolios.

Business Research from HollisWealth

Keeping up with today helps our advisors prepare for the future.
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Top advisors earn top recognition.

  • A highly competitive pay structure

    We know the value of partnering with successful, independent advisors who are in touch with their community. That's why we use a highly competitive payout model that puts more money in the advisor's pocket.

  • Acknowledgements for Excellence

    Our "Quality and Excellence" program acknowledges and rewards business savvy advisors who focus on holistic financial planning.

  • Our Chairman & President's Clubs

    • Chairman's Club. Provides top performing advisors with an opportunity to share best practices and proven strategies.
    • President's Club. Encourages high-calibre advisors to exchange success stories and business development practices.

Transitions are never easy.
But we've got it as close
as possible.

  • From day one, we share all the pros and cons with a new advisor and their team so there are no surprises.

  • The entire transition process is customized to meet the unique needs of an advisor and their business.

  • When you join HollisWealth, you deal with one team of individuals who coordinate all elements of your transition. This enables you to continue to focus on your clients' needs with minimal disruption to your business.

  • We offer automated tools and processes unique to each advisor which helps to reduce administrative work and minimize inconveniences.

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