Even the smallest detail takes "big picture" thinking.

How our advisors build your wealth.

At HollisWealth, we recognize that peoples' needs continually grow and change. To provide the right investment advice and products, at the right time, our advisors take a holistic approach to financial planning. They ask questions like - What's important to you? And, what do you want to achieve?

In building your wealth, a HollisWealth advisor will do more than just sit down and look into your finances. They'll sit down with you and be ready to listen.

What we offer

Looking at your investments means looking long-term.

In taking a holistic approach to your wealth and finances, our advisors can help you in a number of ways. They can help you develop a plan to create wealth. Then will work with you to grow and protect it over the years. And eventually, help you share your assets with those close to you.

See how we can help you take a holistic approach to financial planning.


As you're starting out, our advisors will help you create the right financial plan to set you on the appropriate path.


Your assets are never ignored. Receiving the right investment products and advice is key to reaching your financial and personal goals.


The market is continually fluctuating, but with HollisWealth, a comprehensive long-term approach helps protect your hard-earned money.


As you near retirement and beyond, our advisors can assist you in making sure your money is safely transferred to your family, friends or charities you support.

Our advisors have the freedom to look in any direction to find right answers.

A HollisWealth advisor is not tied to one specific solution. They can suggest from a wide range of financial products, partners and services depending on what suits your needs.

Our advisors have the ability to consult with a wide network of financial professionals to help find the most well-rounded financial plan for every client. It’s independent advice through collective thinking.

Browse through the products and services available to our advisors.


A full complement of investment options is available. Working with a HollisWealth advisor provides you the freedom to choose the financial solution that's right for you.

Estate planning

Through our partnership with Scotia Private Client Group, HollisWealth advisors have access to a team of experienced and knowledgeable Will and Estate Planning professionals. This team will help your advisor create and administer a customized estate plan that meets your goals and objectives.

Tax services

Specialists from Scotia Private Client Group offer comprehensive tax preparation and filing services. They'll work with our advisors to provide strategies to reduce your taxes and maximize your wealth.

Private banking

In partnership with Private Bankers from Scotia Private Client Group, HollisWealth advisors aim to provide the highest level of service – quickly and efficiently – to address your banking, borrowing and investing needs.


As a full-service Managing General Agency, HollisWealth Insurance Agency Ltd. works with all major Canadian life insurers. Our program provides advisors with a proven method of incorporating insurance sales into their practice through a national network of sales and product support specialists.


HollisWealth supports a national referral program for residential and commercial mortgages. Our network of advisors have access to highly competitive mortgage rates, including fixed and variable rate mortgages, as well as some of the best secured products.

Flexibility that merges so well with stability.

While our advisors have the freedom to provide independent advice, they also are backed by iA Financial Group, the fourth largest life and health insurance company in Canada. Founded in 1892, iA Financial Group offers a comprehensive range of life and health insurance products, lending, savings and retirement plans, mutual and segregated funds, securities, auto and home insurance, as well as a host of other financial products and services.

Our advisors

The best part of their job is working with investors. Go ahead. Take their word for it.

Hear from HollisWealth advisors on how they're committed to their clients' success.


Three questions to find one answer.

If you're still wondering if you can benefit from working with a professional advisor, review these three questions.

Here are a few important questions to consider

  1. Are you wondering about where you should invest your money?
  2. Do you feel you're paying too much tax?
  3. Are you looking for ways to save money?
  4. Has there been a recent change in your life (e.g. retirement, getting married, having a child, loss of job) that could affect your future?

If you find yourself in any of these situations, the time may be right to speak to an advisor.

There are thousands of advisors in Canada, all with their own unique process and way of doing business. First, you need to determine what you want to achieve before deciding who is right for you.

  • Are you looking for someone to help you invest?
  • Do you need help developing a financial plan?
  • Are you wanting to protect your family through insurance?
  • Do you need help transferring your wealth to your family?
  • Are you looking to reduce the tax you're paying?

Though most advisors can provide guidance on all of these issues, you can choose to speak with a specialist in any one of these areas.

When selecting an advisor, it's always good to start by speaking with friends and family. If they have any recommendations, ask them what goals their advisor helped them achieve.

There are many questions that you can ask an advisor to see if they're right for you

  • What is your background?
  • What experience do you have?
  • What kind of clients do you serve?
  • Do you provide a financial plan?
  • How do you select investments?
  • How often will I hear from you?

If you’re interested in working with a HollisWealth advisor, find an advisor near you.


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