Looking at things from a different perspective gives you a better perspective.

At HollisWealth, we approach wealth management from a different point of view. A point of view rooted in the thinking that we should have deeper relationships with advisors, investors and employees. When we do, we can provide our advisors with the tools they need to craft holistic solutions for their clients.

Our approach

We live in a human world.
In which we deal with numbers.

In the wealth management business, we work with numbers. That's no surprise. But numbers don't define our success as a firm. Because investors are more than just statistics. They're people. People who have goals.

Helping people achieve those goals is how we define success. That's why we look for advisors and employees who are astute and empathetic. Individuals who are business smart but are also approachable, respectful and easy to talk to.

Our advisors

A HollisWealth advisor always knows the person behind a portfolio.

When an advisor knows their client, their stage in life and what they want to achieve, they can dig deeper. It gives our advisors the means to provide every client with a holistic solution to what they’re looking for.

What we believe

Our advantage

Flexibility that merges so well with stability.

While our advisors have the freedom to provide independent advice, they are also backed by iA Securities, a leading wealth management company with one of the largest advisory networks in Canada.